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Country Brand

Since September of 2013, Costa Rica has had a country brand: Essential COSTA RICA. This country brand was conceived as a tool for positioning, differentiation, and competitiveness so that Costa Rica could promote its exports, attract investors, and promote tourism.

Essential COSTA RICA reflects the essence of the country that we are: a small, concentrated country, with people full of talent, specialization, ingenuity, warmth, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The great riches of our land are concentrated in our essence: a home to world-renowned natural beauty and delicious, colorful fruits of the very highest quality. A land which, despite only being 0.03% of the global territory, is home to around 5% of its biodiversity and, with a population of only 4.6 million inhabitants, produces and exports more than 4,500 products to 146 countries.

Our people can also be found in our essence: hard-working, talented, and well-trained Costa Ricans who are ready to take on highly specialized jobs. They’re authentic, sympathetic, entrepreneurial, innovative, and “Pura Vida” (full of life). “Ticos”—Costa Ricans—make up a nation that is proud of its legacy and ready to make history.

To learn more about the Essential COSTA RICA brand, go to our Country Brand website at the following address:

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