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I am an exporter

In this section you will find the information and tools necessary to continue exporting and expanding the presence of your products and services in international markets. Come to PROCOMER; we will help you export!


Export supply chains

PROCOMER has a department for the technical management of export supply chains which is responsible for the forming highly value-added supply chains for exportation between multinational companies and local suppliers with world-class storage and logistics facilities, so providing for the needs of export companies through local supply.

Included among our objectives are: increasing the added value of exports, encouraging exports from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and the strengthening of national supply through the forging of inter-institutional connections.

Our principal undertaking is the evaluation of local suppliers, generally small and medium businesses, for capacities which are required for the elaboration of a product or service. We perform this evaluation through certified ISO 9001 procedures, in which we grade: infrastructure, productive capacity, marketing, human resources, information systems, environmental management, and investment and innovation capacity.

The Export Supply Chain Department has a team of experts from different fields who can offer you specialized, personalized service. Some are these services are:

  • The identification and evaluation of local suppliers.
  • The coordination of business meetings to locate suppliers
  • The elaboration of development projects.
  • The Marketplace, a virtual market where supply and demand can enter into communication and do business.

Supplier Profile

The first step to becoming incorporated in the database of local suppliers for supply chains with multinational companies or exporters is to be evaluated through an Innovation Diagnosis which measures the potential for forming part of a supply chain.

Based on the results of this diagnostic process, three possible actions can be followed:

  1. Incorporation into the Marketplace: on being evaluated, you are able to be incorporated into our virtual marketplace which facilitates communication between buyer and supplier.
  2. Development Projects: the diagnosis permits us to discover opportunities for improvement and innovation, which we can assist the company with through these projects.
  3. Supply chains: based on demand of the exporting company and/or the multinational company, we can take into account those companies which have been evaluated to be involved with the generation of business opportunities with multinational companies positioned in the country.
  4. Supplier Fairs (Open Houses): The information compiled in the diagnostic process identifies companies which can participate in Supplier Fairs which can then come into contact with buyer companies and associate with these to do business.

Foreign Investor Profile

As part of the services offered by PROCOMER’s Export Supply Chain Department, we are able to link local companies to export companies and/or multinational companies based on the needs these may have, so increasing the value added to your product at the moment of formalizing the business relationship. These needs are based on the value chain of your company.

Benefits that can be obtained through the supply chain include the following:

  • Faster delivery times
  • Reduction of transport and logistics costs
  • Increased flexibility in distribution and inventory control

Additionally, the department offers advice on how to achieve even greater benefits from multinational companies, as well as having at your disposal a database of developed local suppliers who have undergone a previous diagnostic process and which are under constant evaluation. For this same purpose, we also have a digital platform called the Marketplace, where we facilitate communication with local suppliers.

In order to discover different opportunities to associate local companies with your supply chain, so broadening your scope of 100% Costa Rican production possibilities, we perform analyses of the processes of production, which may include the following aspects:

  • Development
  • Inputs
  • Secondary goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Human resources
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics