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I want to be an exporter

In this section you will find the information and tools necessary to begin the process of exporting your products and services. Come to PROCOMER—we’ll help you export!


Procomer Mentoring is a program that allows the interchange of experiences between businesspeople, in which a businessperson with greater experience and trajectory in exporting voluntarily decides to mentor and share the lessons he or she has learned with a businessperson from a SME who is ready to begin the internationalization process or who seeks to increase the company’s export volume, and who is ready to accept the commitment of being mentored.

Among other things, it is a valuable resource to continue supporting the diversification of the offer of Costa Rican goods and services, building opportunities and promoting the competitiveness of the Costa Rican business sector beyond the country’s borders. In other words, it strengthens export capacity though the interchange of information and accumulated experience.

It is a program designed for:

  • Business people with export expertise to act as mentors.
  • SME business people with export potential to act as mentees.
  • Empresa: Agroindustrial Montaña Azul Internacional Del Siglo Xxi Sociedad Anonima
  • Señor: Pamela Arias
  • Cargo: Gerente Comercial
  • Empresa: CooperSurgical Costa Rica
  • Señor: Alejandro Porras Valladares
  • Cargo: Gerente Financiero
  • Empresa: Fair Play Labs S.A.
  • Señor: Claudio Pinto
  • Cargo: Gerente General
  • Empresa: Fruta Dulce de Costa Rica S.A.
  • Señor: Lizzie Dada
  • Cargo: Gerente General
  • Empresa: G&E Chocolate Adventure Company
  • Señor: George Grant
  • Cargo: Gerente General
  • Empresa: Irex de Costa Rica S.A.
  • Señor: Hugo Gutiérrez Rosas
  • Cargo: Gerente Desarrollo de Negocios
  • Empresa: Laboratorios Zepol S. A.
  • Señor: María Alejandra López
  • Cargo: Gerente General
  • Empresa: LMM Canu Publicidad S.A.
  • Señor: Marlon Cascante
  • Cargo: Gerente General
  • Empresa: Microfinish S.A.
  • Señor: Francisco Gutierrez
  • Cargo: Gerente de Producción
  • Empresa: Obashe
  • Señor: Ana Lucrecia Arias Obaldia
  • Cargo: Gerente General
  • Empresa: Okay Industries.
  • Señor: Lesther Zeledón G
  • Cargo: Gerente Comercial
  • Empresa: Paradise Ingredients S.A.
  • Señor: Jimmy Durán Chavarría
  • Cargo: Gerente General
  • Empresa: Plantas y Flores Ornamentales Cabh S.A.
  • Señor: Cecil Alfaro
  • Cargo: Presidente
  • Empresa: Roma Prince S.A.
  • Señor: Javier Freer
  • Cargo: Gerente de Operaciones
  • Empresa: Upala Agrícola
  • Señor: Gabriela Sandí
  • Cargo: Gerente Comercial

Mentor Category


To contribute to the development of Costa Rica’s export sector, strengthening business social responsibility programs, widening networks and broadening knowledge as a MENTOR.


  • A desirable minimum of 5 years’ experience in the export sector, and the desire to share this experience
  • Past participation in international trade fairs.
  • Maintaining a close relationship with PROCOMER.
  • At least 3 hours availability a month over two months (3 x 1 x 2) to perform the mentoring, either in person or via electronic means.
  • Having personal listening skills
  • Signing a letter of commitment, ethics and confidentiality.

Download Mentor Registry

Mantee Category


Access to investment, the opening of markets, the identification of strategic alliances, internationalization, etc.


  • Currently marketing a product/service either nationally or abroad.
  • Already having an organizational structure and a basic strategic plan in place.
  • The capacity to offer exportable goods or services.
  • Having actively participated in PROCOMER training programs.
  • Being the owner or General Manager of the aspiring company.
  • Signing a letter of commitment, ethics and confidentiality.
  • • The creation of a video of a maximum of 2 minutes presenting your business and the reasons why you would like to receive mentoring and sending this to

Download Mentorized Registry